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Please read the terms of service,


Please don't use strong swears, Such as the S, A, P, FU, And more, Please do not bully others, Also, Do not use very offensive swears such as the NI swear word, Please note that these are 9+ kids on this website

Rules - Innapropiate posts

Have you ever went on a website and all you seen on someones profile was *Ahem* Innapropiate things? Well, Please do not post innapropiate things, It will flood others, Please report that to the admins using the ! Symbol on anyones profile,

Rules - Bullies

I know you have been bullied a little bit too much, But you have not saw the ! Symbol, If you have been bullied once, Please report to the public, Try creating a post, That will help, Please post in any communities. Try putting it in any community it started in? Let others discover, If you are a bully, Please stop it,

Rules - Online dating

Online dating? Thats what everybody wants to do, But, Wanting to do it and they do not want to date them? Thats bad, Users do this mostly, Please if someone online dates you, Please decline, And if you want to do that, Please meet them in real life, Most users put their email on their profile info.


Please follow the guildines,

Guidlines - Copyright

Please do not copyright others, Also the app, Please do not copy anything on this website,